‘Twin-bend’ electric buses that will drive Brisbane’s metro

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Electric-powered buses almost 30 metres long could move Brisbane commuters in the new “metro” service announced by Brisbane City Council (BCC).

While BCC calls it a “metro” service, it is new-generation buses that would shift the people. The vehicles are most likely to be electric – or at the least run on hybrid power.

BCC is looking at two concepts as it finalises a business case by May 2017 for the two new routes.

Work could start in 2018 and be finished by 2022.

The proposed Brisbane Metro may run on existing busways, carrying commuters in large vehicles with tyres, but don’t expect the Deputy Mayor to call them buses.

Cr Adrian Schrinner has repeatedly refused to use the b-word to describe the vehicles.

“Like I said, it’s a hybrid vehicle that doesn’t exist in Brisbane the vehicles will carry about 150 passengers each”

“Some people call it a bus but, ultimately, it’s about moving large numbers of people”

Brisbane 2

The original transport proposal came during the 2016 council election and drew criticism  for competing with Cross River Rail.

The whole network would traverse 21 kilometres of busways, including 18 stations and 11 interchanges.

Cr Schrinner said the plan would address congestion through the cultural precinct at South Bank and Victoria Bridge, thanks to an underground bus station and the removal of cars from the bridge.

Speaking to the ABC after Cr Schrinner, Labor councillor Jared Cassidy was cautiously supportive of the redesign but added he would need to see more detail.

He described the proposed Brisbane Metro vehicle as a “bendy bus, if you will, with an extra bit on the back”.

Cr Quirk said the changes came as a result of extensive consultation and a focus on connecting with Cross River Rail.