Welcome to the BRT UK Blog

One of our goals as an organisation is to promote debate and discussion on the subject of BRT, particularly in relation to its application in the UK. We are not BRT or bus enthusiasts but professionals from across the industry who recognise the fantastic benefits BRT can deliver.

The views of those blogging my not be representative of their employers and are offered for comment rather than as fact.

If you would like to offer up a blog for this page, on BRT and its application please get in touch.

Electric buses the new normal?

The second blog from Arjen Jaarsma on the role electric buses can play in quality bus service provision including BRT.   READ MORE.

Investing in Africa, investing in BRT

We hear from Arjen Jaarsma a public transport expert with over 20 years experience on how BRT is being embraced by cities and countries across Africa READ MORE.

Flexibility – BRT’s greatest strength or greatest weakness?

We take a look at one of the key difference between the UK’s light rail systems and BRT systems. Does the flexibility BRT offers really benefit passengers? READ MORE.

BRT UK Research Study

BRT UK is about much more than just updating the industry on the latest news and developments. We have been working on a research study looking at 11 of the UK’s highest profile BRT schemes. The aim of which is to hopefully establish a standard for BRT in the UK. READ MORE.

Nairobi looks to BRT

BRT UK member organisation TTC who are working with the Nairobi authorities to deliver two new BRT lines offer us an interesting insight into the challenges of delivering BRT in a large, densely populated African city. READ MORE. 

LRT versus BRT: which is the better option?

As worldwide urban populations grow and cities become more densely populated the demand for rapid transport systems also grows. Edmund Cassidy from SDG shares his thoughts on the BRT vs LRT discussion. READ MORE.

Bus technologies: What’s the right choice for your city?

Across the world there is growing interest in the use of clean and sustainable alternatives to diesel power for buses. The common driving factor is the environment. Although buses are rightly perceived as a relatively environmentally friendly means of transport, the concentration of buses in cities mean that in absolute terms they can be a significant contributor to local pollution with negative health impacts READ MORE.

BRT : The key to HS2’s success?

Not a day goes by that we don’t hear or read something about high speed rail in the local, regional and national media. It’s partly because of its scale, during a time of austerity, but it may also be in our nation’s nature to question and be sceptical of large scale investment by our leaders. On a much smaller scale, the Millennium Dome didn’t help much. Nor were the London Olympics as cheap as we had hoped. READ MORE.

BRT UK – One eye on the past and one on the future

These are exciting times in the world of BRT. But it hasn’t been easy. Since BRT UK was launched we have weathered an economic downturn and continue to suffer a period of slow growth. Cuts to government funding made developing and delivering large scale infrastructure projects more challenging than ever. Nevertheless, the government and political parties across the board are starting to see how investing in infrastructure, particularly transport infrastructure can help re build our waned economy. READ MORE.